Door Accessories


Our wrought iron Speakeasy is secure and strong, offering security and a stylish look.

Outside Dimensions9.88” x 11.94”
Inside Dimensions7.88” x 9.94”
Access Panel
5.88” x 7.94”


This decorative nail will transform your door into a unique and elegant structure.

Sizes1-1/2”, 1-1/4”
Features Adhesive backing for
fiberglass doors, premium
metal alloy, Tough and
durable powder coat finish

Hinge Strap

Efficient and stylish, designed to keep your door strong and durable while providing a Rustic look.

MaterialDurable Aluminum
FeaturesHandcrafted, Rust
and discoloration resistant

Dentil Shelf

Transform your front door into an elegant entryway with a dentil shelf.

Sizes24” and 27”
MaterialMade from High Density
Polyurethane (HDP) so it
will not warp, rot, or crack
FinishesSmooth, Oak, Fir